Wyprawa nurkowa w rejon Raja Ampat Indonezja


Diving Raja Ampat - one of the most beautiful diving destinations you can go to, and March is the best period in which a large oceanic manta swims to Raja Ampat. No doubt this is a special trip!

We have already been to Western Papua five times, most recently in November 2018. I invite you to check our photo gallery - click .....  link.
They were amazing scuba diving! The number of colorful reefs, schools of fish that we saw there can not be compared to any other place in the world.
From time to time, there are organized dives in the world based on the competition of counting different types of reefs during one dive. In the region of Raja Ampat, the record was beaten several times, which clearly shows this place as TOP diving places in the world!
In addition, the month in which we are traveling - March is the month when the Raja Ampat area is visited by the mare's herd. They are here for plankton (there is a lot of plankton in this period). From February to April, they accompany divers during almost every dive. There are places where they create giant herds counted in hundreds.

The trip we want to offer is a safari with 8 diving days, during which we will dive from 3 to 4 times a day except for the first and last day, for logistical reasons. The plan also includes trips to the surrounding islands, viewpoints and villages.
As you can see, the dive plan is quite ambitious but calm :) People who are tired of a lot of dives will be able to rest on a boat, which is well prepared for it!
This is without a doubt one of the more luxurious boats we have been able to visit. While swimming in Raja Ampat we will stand out strongly :)
Gaia Love is a 40 meter unit prepared for handling 20 people with 11 cabins, 5 of which are in the bottom of the boat and 6 in the upper, higher standard with an additional balcony. All cabins are spacious equipped with a private toilet, a shower with a large number of cabinets and individual air conditioning. The boat is insane as evidenced by the pictures below.

Onboard Gaia Love there are a number of attractions that will appeal to even a very demanding group of people. Launderette, spa with free first day massage, nitrox included, canoes, spacious living room, dining room, photographer's room and a large seating area make the boat trip unique. For non-divers, it is possible to rent a kayak, a small boat or indulge in a local spa treatment.

We start the trip from a flight from Poland to Indonesia, Jakarta. Depending on the previously purchased ticket, we stay in Jakarta for about one night and then we move further towards Sorong where we are accommodated on our boat. After briefing and dinner, we sail a bit from the port and do one or two dives. In the evening, a ceremonial first dinner and sailing on the southern reefs of Raja Ampat. From the first day of the cruise, our days spent aboard a boat will be very similar to each other. We start with a light breakfast at about 6 am - coffee, fruit and light cold snacks. Between 7:00 and 7:30 the first dive. Divided into groups and two boats, we are going to dive, which will last about an hour. After a dive, a second breakfast and preparation for the next dive around 10: 30-11: 00. After 2 dives, lunch, after lunch, diving and lazing supported by snacks served by the kitchen. at 18:15 night dive and later a fairly extensive dinner. And so on and on for eight consecutive days :) Those who want to take a longer break from diving can use the kayaks located on the deck, or blush slightly their body on the sun decks. Sometimes we will go for a short walk when we are quite close to the mainland. With such a tight dive plan it will be quite difficult but it is possible if we organize ourselves properly, of course.
Certainly, we can not let go of the viewing places, including the well-known Penemu's lagoon, where even the weakest camera makes amazing shots :)
For the trip, we invite divers from OWD with experience of at least 20 dives. The Raja Ampar region is not difficult but it is worth to take a minimum of diving experience, eg in our waters.
It is also good to go through the nitrox diving and deep diving or AOWD training until you leave.

Trip Plan:

 5.03 - an afternoon flight from Poland towards Jakarta, Indonesia
 6.03 - landing in Jakarta, hotel accommodation for one day.
 7.03 - flight to Sorong, accommodation on a boat, 1-2 dives
 8.03 - South Raja Ampat - Misool (Daram / Yelliet) 3 day dives and one night
 9.03 - South Raja Ampat - Misool (Boo/Fiabacet) 3 day dives and one night
10.03 - South Raja Ampat - Misool (Warakaraket / Wayil) 3 day dives and one night
11.03 - South Raja Ampat - Misool (Balbullol) 3 day dives and one night
12.03 - North Raja Ampat - West Waigeo / Penemu 3 day dives and one night
13.03  - Dampier Strait 3 day dives and one night
14.03 - Dampier Strait 2 dives
15.03 - Checking out of the boat, departure from Sorong towards the house / or continuation of the trip
16.03 - Landing in Poland

For those interested, there is the possibility of extending the stay in Indonesia for example a trip to the Bailem Valley and contact with the tribe of Denmark. For details, please ask us directly.

The interested persons are asked to register, and after consulting with us, to pay PLN 2'000 to reserve seats in hotels and boats.

4'600 USD - cost of departure of a diving person accommodated in a 2-passenger cabin
5'000 PLN - the cost of the air ticket (kalkulacja 14.01.2019)

  • flight between Poland - Indonesia (Sorong) - Poland
  • airport transfers in sorong
  • accommodation on a boat in two-passenger cabins in the standard version
  • full board plus snacks
  • non-alcoholic beverages, wine for dinner
  • 8 diving days
  • lead and cylinder 12l
  • nitrox for certified divers
  • diving guide
  • accommodation and meals in Jakarta (we'll specify exactly later)
  • airport transfers outside transfers in Sorong (closer to the departure we will specify exactly)
  • meals eaten outside the boat
  • diving insurance
  • Raja Ampat park fee and port fees totaling USD 225
  • rental of diving equipment
  • tips
  • if you are interested in extending the trip to visit the Bal Valley, please write to us in the comments of the registration form
  • 400 USD / person more for the upper cabin with balcony and higher standard
  • single cabin 80% of the cost of the trip additionally
  • completion and signing of documents: contract notificationconditions for participation in a tourist event
  • the first payment at registration 2'000 PLN, the rest at the latest 30 days before the event
  • possession of a valid passport - minimum 6 months from the moment of return from departure
  • possession of diving licenses, OWD min with 20 dives and Nitox licenses

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