Normoxic Trimix


We invite you for the Normoxic Trimix training, where you will learn how to dive safely till 60m depth with two decompression gases. It is suitable for those who feel comfortable under the water...

Kurs Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver course is a first step in diver’s education. On the OWD training you will learn safety diving procedures and you will get to know how to move under the water till 18 m depth....

Deep Diver


The depth is that what attracts divers most. Often, just after basic training most of divers are tempted to go deeper and deeper. Till 18 meters you can see a lot of interesting underwater places,...

Dream Journey - Galapagos


November is the best time for a diving trip to this part of the world. The long-awaited, planned for 2 years trip to the Galapagos Islands, will finally take place! Those who are a bit interested...

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