Dream Journey - Galapagos


November is the best time for a diving trip to this part of the world. The long-awaited, planned for 2 years trip to the Galapagos Islands, will finally take place! Those who are a bit interested...

Safari Raja Ampat


Diving Raja Ampat - one of the most beautiful diving destinations you can go to, and March is the best period in which a large oceanic manta swims to Raja Ampat. No doubt this is a special trip!

A diving trip to Bali


Bali is a small Indonesian island that attracts not only with its unique nature with lush vegetation, picturesque lakes and rice terraces, but also the great kindness of its residents, tasty...

Wreck Safari - Egypt


Welcome to the North Wreck Safaris to Egypt. The Red Sea is not only a colorful reef, it is also a region in which many commercial, passenger and war ships were sunk. Currently covered with a very...

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