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We invite you for the Normoxic Trimix training, where you will learn how to dive safely till 60m depth with two decompression gases. It is suitable for those who feel comfortable under the water and have proper equipment, certificate and skills for deep diving.

Helium mixtures greatly reduce possibility of occurrence the nitrogen narcosis and by the big proportion totally eliminate it from diving. What is more diving with helium mixtures has also many extra advantages. Thanks to special exercises and proper training , deep diving can be as safe as recreational one. Before you decide to dive within 60m depth with a long bottom time, gain special training and certificate. Only this entitles you to decompression diving till 60m with normoxic gas minimum 18% oxygen, helium no more than END 30m and two decompression gases till 100% oxygen.

You should prepare for this training:

  • Twinset
  • Two independent regulators
  • Two stages + regulators (possible to rent in Tryton)
  • Drysiut inflation tank
  • Wing to your set
  • Buoy + reel
  • Notebook or wet notes
  • Two measuring instruments
  • Two masks (including spare one)
  • Two cutting devices
  • Dry siut with p-valve
  • Torch with goodman handle
  • Spare torch fitted to the harness


  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Science of Diving, Deep, Nitrox and Diver Stress & Rescue certificate
  • Extended Range or equivalent Advance Nitrox certificate
  • Minimum 150 logged dives, including 50 till 30m depth

During Normoxic Trimix training you will learns proper techniques of planning decompression dives with two stages. You will improve emergency procedures with usage of spare gas. What is more you will also increase your deep diving skills till 60m and extend bottom time and decompression stops.


  • 2'500 PLN cost of the training
  • 155 PLN certificate

Price includes:

  • training
  • fulfilling the tanks with air

Price doesn’t include:

  • accommodation
  • transport
  • wreck diving
  • fulfilling the tanks with mixtures different than air
  • all instructor costs

Trial tank fulfilling:
- TMX21/35 in set 2x12L max 336 PLN or TMX18/45 in set 2x12l max 432 PLN
- EAN50 in 11L - 33PLN
- oxygen in 5,6L - 21 PLN

Possible training dates you will find in main menu CALENDAR under the theme TXR.  If proposed date doesn’t suits you, let us know! We will do our best to find a convenient date. CONTACT

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