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Basic cave program is created for technical divers having their own technical equipment including twinset and for those who want to increase their skills. This is a foretaste of a real adventure in organic environment. On this training you will learn proper navigation, line marking and ways of using reels, spinning-wheels.

Basic Cave training is normally held during the trip to the region Lot in France. This is the perfect place to learn basics of cave diving. There are plenty of caves to explore its variety and environment. More about trip to France you can find in our calendar. We normally organise this kind of trips every year in September.

Cave training is also a great possibility for Baltic divers. Thanks to skills gained in overhead environment, you can extend your skills and later use it during  wreck dives.

Basic Cave training consists of  6 diving days (in a cave) and 2 workshop days in a lake before the trip to France. You will learn many useful skills, needed during equipment failure, lost line or lost buddy situations.  Those who will succeed will get Basic Cave certificate and a possibility to dive on 1/6 gas rule in a twinset, till 30m depth with no cave navigation.  

You should prepare for this training:

  • Twinset
  • Two independent regulators
  • Wing to your set
  • Dry siut
  • Minimum one cutting device
  • Torch with goodman handle
  • Two spare torches fitted to the harness
  • Two reels
  • One spinning-wheel
  • Dive markers (two arrows, 4 cookies or 4 REMs)
  • Minimum one cutting device
  • Two masks (including one spare)
  • Wet note


-Minimum age of 18 years
-Extended Range or equivalent like Adv Nitrox certificate
-Minimum 100 logged dives


  • 2'500PLN cost of training
  • 155 PLN certyficate

Price includes:

  • Training

Price doesn’t include:

  • Fulfilling the tanks
  • Renting any equipment

SSI Basic Cave diver can dive beyond the sunlight until the furthest place in cave with 1/6 gas limit intended for penetration and 30m depth.

Possible training dates you will find in main menu CALENDAR under the theme CAVE.  If proposed date doesn’t suits you, let us know! We will do our best to find a convenient date. CONTACT

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