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The Red Sea hides a lot of ships sunk during bad weather, collision and war. These are huge units that now covered by a fairly densely growing reef are an ideal dive site for people who feel comfortable on a colorful reef and those who like to move inside sunken colossi.
Wreck Safari covers all known and accessible wreck wrecks in the northern part of the Red Sea and the most interesting reefs in this area. Our target is wrecks such as: Thistlegorm, wrecks of the Abu Nuhas reefs with Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Gubal wrecks and others. In addition, we will visit the most interesting reefs of the islands Gubal, Giftun and Ras Mohamed.
The trip is addressed to beginner and advanced divers with the permission of deep diver or AOWD. During the cruise, you can increase your qualifications for deep diver, night diver and nitrox !! It is enough to ask about the possibility of training during registration of places.
During the cruise we will be doing 3 to 4 dives including night diving. Depending on the condition of the sea and the distance (cruises) to individual dive sites during a week's voyage, you can return with experience as many as 22 dives !! You can learn a lot :). We end Safari in Hurghada having all day to explore the city and the area :)

The true attraction of the trip is undoubtedly the Thistelghorm wreck and the wrecks of the Abu Nuhas reef. Thistelghorm is recognized as the most interesting wreck of Europe and Africa. It lies at a maximum depth of 30m. It's huge! On its board you can always meet large fish stocks and the real attraction are the details of the unit's equipment. The wreck is safe for diving. Deprived of networks and dangerous explosive militaria. It is quite easy to navigate. The decking of the unit inside the hold is now heavily rusted, and the recent dark cargo holds a lot of light. In the middle of the hold you can find, Motorcycles, jeppy, tracked cars, rifles, aircraft parts, camp beds and still in good condition soldier boots. In our opinion, this is the most interesting wreck you can find under water.
Abu Nuhas is a reef, which by chance has crashed four ships. Much is said about the fact that they have sunk due to compensation and other suspicious circumstances. Three of them are in very good condition and are an ideal place for recreational dives.
One of the most interesting safari rafts is the Gupal island with several wrecks. The place definitely recommends night dives. There you can meet gigantic moray eels and innumerable number of wings fish attacking slightly smaller fish at night.

We cruise on a boat built in 2018 - New Regency. It is a 33 meter unit prepared to serve 20 people. On the New Regency deck there are 9 cabins with separate beds and one cabin with a double bed. All cabins have a toilet with hot / cold water, a shower and a residential part with air conditioning and cabinets. There are four cabins on the upper deck and the other on the upper deck 6. The part of the restaurant and the living room is quite spacious. In the restaurant during the cruise 3 meals per day will be served in the form of a buffet plus small snacks. There is a rest area on the upper deck and a sun deck on the roof. The boat is quite comfortable, it will provide us with nice sailing and safe diving.

Trip Plan:

06.10   Flight towards Egypt, accommodation on a boat
07.10   Three dives - Shaab Elerg; Dunravin; Shaab Mahmoud (night dive)
08.10   Ras Mohamed two dives; Thistelgorm (night diving)
09.10   Thistlegorm; Shag Rock; Bluff point (night diving)
10.10   Ulysses; Siyul; Ghiannis D; Abu Nuhas (night diving)
11.11   Marcaus; Carnatic; Dolphin House (night diving)
12.12   Um Gammar; Elminja; return to the port before 12:00; hotel accommodation
13.10   Transfer to the airport, flight to Poland
* The plan may change due to weather conditions

950 euros - for the accommodation in a two-passenger cabin
1'500 PLN - plane ticket on the route Warsaw - Hurghada - Warsaw

Flights Poland - Egypt - Poland

  • Transfers by airport bus - boat - airport
  • Accommodation on a boat in a two-passenger cabin
  • Diving 3-4 daily for 6 days (the first and last day of the 2nd dive)
  • Full board on the dive boat plus drinks, fruit and snacks during the cruise
  • Unlimited drinks (Water, Cola, Fanta, Sprite) and coffee and tea
  • Rental of lead and cylinder 12L with air
  • Port tax
  • Marine Park fee
  • Accommodation on the last day at Le Pacha Resort (version all inc)
  • Three diving guides
  • Egyptian visa 25 USD payable at the airport
  • Insurance
  • personal / diving equipment
  • tips for the crew about 50 euros / person

50 euros / person in addition for accommodation in upper cabins.
70 euros - nitrox in the package for the whole trip
40 euros - bigger bottle 15L for the whole trip

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