Baltictech Diving on the open sea

  • 2019-06-23 09:00 - 15:00
  • 350 PLN
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As part of the Baltictech structure, we want to invite you to wreck diving on the elite diving unit ENDURO. According to the announcements at diving conferences, we want to present you our unit and wrecks that some of you haven't met.  

Diving will be organized with the participation of the Enduro unit. We sail from the port of Łeba.
10 people can participate in the trip plus 2 crew members. 
On the Enduro there is a toilet, a mess room with a place to sit and six sleeping places below the deck.                              Additional equipment is a refrigerator and a gas stove.                                                                                                                        
The cruise consists of two dives.
Enduro speed is max 21 knots! 15 knots are the speed of normal navigation.

In the cruise plan we have dives on two shipwreck wrecks:

Marcelina - 20m deep dept ( we haven't been there yet)
Tyrion/Eberhart -  depth 20m max

Departure the day before diving is confirmed by us by phone.

Sometimes the trip may be cancelled because of bad weather!

Please wait for our confirmation before you decide to go !!
Weather conditions are confirmed maximum in the evening, the day before diving!

350 PLN - diving person

-discussion of the course of diving and explanation of safety procedures
-supervision of the instructor on the surface
-DAN oxygen kit on the boat
-coffee / Tea
-a cruise consisting of two or one dives
-parking near the pier (to be confirmed on the day of departure)

-filling the cylinder (there is no diving compressor on the boat)
-equipment rental
-meals / drinks
-diving insurance
-The payment of 200 PLN the rest on the day of departure
-Complete equipment (can be borrowed after previous contact)
-cylinders and gas suitable for a given dive (there is no possibility of filling the cylinder on the boat)
-Certificate suitable for a depth of 30m AOWD or deep diving and experience
-Boy deco
-cutting device
-Diving torch
  • 2019-06-23 09:00 - 15:00
  • 350 PLN
  • Archive

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